Color-change Alexandrite is the rarest and most valuable member of the chrysoberyl family, and is one of the rarest of all colored gemstones. Alexandrite usually appears green in natural light and a reddish-purple under incandescent lighting.

How much is alexandrite worth? The value of natural alexandrite varies greatly depending on size, quality and color. Buying direct from AJS Gems you'll get the best value in the market.

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# ALX9265SS
6.00 x 5.30 x 3.70 mm
Unheated, Almost Eye Clean
US $350.00
# ALX8969AS
6.9 x 5.5 x 3.3 mm
Unheated, Almost Eye Clean
US $299.00
# ALX1536RK
6.62 x 3.97 x 3.41 mm
Unheated, Slightly Included
US $298.00
# ALX9189MJ
6.00 x 4.40 x 3.60 mm
Unheated, Almost Eye Clean
US $290.00
# ALX1143AS
5.80 x 4.20 x 3.20 mm
Unheated, Eye Clean
US $279.00