About AJS Gems, Bangkok

AJS GEMS is a major worldwide importer and exporter of numerous varieties of rough and polished gemstones, including ruby, sapphire, tourmaline, spinel, topaz and garnet. We source precious and semi-precious stones from Burma, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Africa, Thailand and beyond.

Interview with Arnold Silverberg of AJS Gems

Ideally located in the heart of Bangkok's gemstone and jewelry district, we are able to purchase directly from miners and mine owners. We are able to buy at the lowest possible prices and pass the savings along, selling to gemstone dealers around the world, who then in turn supply jewelers and jewelry stores in their home countries. Now you also can experience these savings online.

Arnold "Arnie" Silverberg
Arnie has been buying and selling gemstones for more than 30 years. His experience and knowledge have established him as one of the leading gemstone suppliers in Asia. More importantly, his lifetime reputation in the trade for fairness and honesty is something money can't buy and something you get with every order. Read more about Arnold Silverberg ...

Malee "May" Srivara
Director of AJS Gems Limited, May designs our jewelry and layout collections. She also travels to gem shows around the world to meet with customers. May has an expert eye for color and design and has years of experience in the gems business.

Rungrawee "Rung" Wongpraneekul
General Manager at AJS Gems, takes care of the day-to-day operations to make sure things run as smoothly as possible. Her honesty and diligence in performing her duties makes sure that every customer is treated fairly and professionally.

The mission of AJS Gems Limited Online is to have the best site on the Internet specializing in fine, precision cut gemstones. We are committed to the highest standards of integrity and operate responsibly. At AJS GEMS you will experience the finest customer service and receive quality natural gemstones at the best possible prices.

In business for the long term. A one time sale has little meaning. Making lifetime customers is our goal. Our personal and corporate policy is to develop regular satisfied customers who choose to do their gem buying from AJS Gems. That's why we back up great stones of exceptional value with great service and a "100% Money-back No-Questions-Asked" guarantee.

AJS Gems is a recognized leader in the quality gems trade and is often cited in the international press.

May, Arnold and Rung at Hong Kong Gem Fair, 2012
May, Arnold and Rung at the Hong Kong Gem Fair, 2012


 AJS Gems staff at Hong Kong Gem Fair 2012
Ron, Rung, Arnold and May at Hong Kong Gem Fair, 2012


 Rung with customer at Hong Kong Gem Fair, 2012
Rung with customer (and Arnold in the background) at Hong Kong Gem Fair, 2012


December 2014

Holiday Party 2014  Holiday Party 2014
May, Noy and Rung Rung, Ron and Arnold 




Holiday Party 2014
Sombat, Rung, Noy and Su


Holiday Party 2014
May, Nat, Justin and Arnold